Tony Leung Chui-Wai

Tony Leung is a decorated and versatile Hong-Kong actor who has achieved both commercial and critical acclaim. Starting off in television comedies in the 80's, Tony leung made his debut with the 1989 film A City of Sadness for which he won the prestigious Venice Golden Lion Award. His breakthrough performance came in John Woo's massive hit Hard Boiled in which he starred along with the Hong-Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat.

Also known in Hong-Kong as 'Little Tony'. Tony Leung has won five 'Best Actor' awards at the Hong-Kong Film Awards, and has won the Golden Bauhinia and the Golden Horse Best Actor awards on three occasions each. Due to his natural charm and charismatic personality, he is also often referred to as Asia's answer to Clark Gable.

Top 5 Recommended Films starring Tony Leung
Infernal Affairs Trilogy
The movie trilogy upon which the Academy Award winning Scorsese gem, "The Departed", was based on. Tony Leung gave a brilliant performance as Chen Wing Yan, the undercover agent, working as a mole with the triads (role played by DiCaprio in 'The Departed'). He was able to convey the character at the brink of losing his real identity, losing his faith in himself and those around him as well as a person grappling with a constant struggle between duty and self-preservation with great conviction.

I personally regard his performance as one of the finest by an Asian actor, and others around the world agree as he won countless Best Actor awards for his performance.
Tony Leung plays a emotionally wrecked writer in this critically acclaimed Wong Kar-Wai classic. He is also a serial womanizer and the movie takes us through his liaisons with six women. Tony is able to brilliantly portray the vagaries of character's emotions and his insecurities. Though the movie seems a bit too long and slow paced at times, Tony Leung's performance and Wong Kar-Wai's legendary direction will keep you interested through the movie.

In the Mood for Love
Tony Leung won the Best Actor award at the Cannes film festival for his brilliant performance as the insecure newspaper editor who moves to an apartment building in Hong Kong with his wife. He soon becomes friends with a beautiful woman (Maggie Cheung) next door whose husband is having an affair with Tony Leung's wife. Both the actors gave a fine performance as individuals trying to overcome the shock of their spouse's infidelities, but at the same time, seeing their friendship develop into a closer, more intimate, guilt laden relationship.
  This prequel to 2046, of Wong Kar-Wai's 'loose' trilogy, saw the brilliant collaboration between the actor and the director, one among many of their masterful collaborations. Tony Leung had previously collaborated with Wong Kar-Wai for the much acclaimed Chunking Express in 1994, which won him a Golden Horse Best Actor Award.
At the time of it's release, Hero was the most expensive Chinese movie and also became the highest grossing Chinese movie upon it's release. The movie was well received around the world and is most of the most visually stunning pieces of film-making ever. In the movie Tony Leung played the role of an assassin 'Broken Sword'. Although the movie was really promoted as a Jet Li film (one of the few Hong Kong stars to have achieved international stardom), Tony holds his own against Jet Li in a few rare scenes they feature together and gives another fine performance that is understated and subtle, that perfectly captures the nuances of his character.
Hard-boiled is often remembered as a great Hong-Kong action film which happened to  be John Woo's last directorial venture in Hong-Kong cinema.

The film starred Chow Yun-Fat as a Dirty Harry styled Inspector "Tequila" Yuen and Tony Leung as an undercover agent. Though not as commercially successful as Woo's previous action films such as The Killer and A Better Tomorrow, it is one of the most entertaining Woo's movies for international audience. Though memorable for it's great action sequences, the movie also had great performances by Chow Yun-fat and Tony Leung, who managed to not get overshadowed by Chow Yun-fat's super-stardom status and held his own, delivering a very impressive performance.