Oscars 2012 Nominations| Five Biggest 'Snubs' by the Academy

The Academy Award nominations were announced at Hollywood's Kodak theater in January. While most of the nominees were along expected lines, there are a few notable exclusions. Here's Cine-International's take on the biggest Oscar 'Snubs' of the year.

#5 : The Adventures of Tintin

SNUB: Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Though Steven Spielberg earned a Best Picture nomination for War Horse, his other, more popular creation of the year was the escapades of Hergé's universally popular comic book character Tintin. The Adventures of Tintin was the first Animated Feature Film for Spielberg. The great storyline and the brilliant cutting-edge animation techniques, along with a universally loved and adored titular character pleased the critics and audiences at large, and also the Golden Globes jury winning the Best Animated Feature Film. So how in the world was this not good enough for a Academy Nomination. Blistering Barnacles !!

#4: Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin

SNUB: Best Actress In a Leading Role

The 2008 Best Supporting Actress was widely praised for her performance as Eva Khatchadourian in Lynne Ramsay's We Need to talk about Kevin. Tilda plays the mother of a young boy Kevin responsible for a fictitious school massacre, as she tries to come to terms with the murders. The grim and powerful film had Tilda in one of the most intense performances of her career that saw her winning a number of Awards,  and a Golden Globe nomination where she lost out to Meryl Streep.

#3: Michael Fassbender in Shame

SNUB: Best Actor in A Leading Role

Did Fassbender's Johnson cost him an Oscar nomination ? There's no denying that Steve McQueen's NC-17 rated drama about a 30's something New Yorker with a sex-addiction was one of the break-through movies of the year, and Michael Fassbender's performance one of the most ferociously intense and brilliant.  At-least I thought so, and most of the critics agreed. While the Academy has mostly prided itself for being risqué when it matters, maybe the movie and the performance was deemed too extreme by even their standards, or they were just too 'distracted' to notice the brave performance. Guess Fassbender should just feel content with his BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, and countless others.

#2 : Drive

SNUB: Best Motion Picture of the Year

Ever since Nicolas Winding Refn's crime-noir thriller made it's appearance at various film festivals, including the Cannes where it received a standing ovation and bagged the Best Director Award for the Dane, Drive was touted as one of the sure-shots for a Best Picture nomination. Also talked about were the performances by Ryan Gosling in the lead (who's had a bit of a dream run in 2011) and Albert Brooks as the antagonist (who also got snubbed for best Supporting actor). Though the Academy voters didn't seem to have enjoyed the 'ride' as much, we sure did, immensely.

#1: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

SNUB: Best Motion Picture of the Year

An Oscar snub isn't anything new for David Fincher. Some of his finest works in the past (Se7en, Fight Club....) wasn't even noticed by the Academy Jury. Unfortunately the trend continues with arguably the biggest shock exclusion from this year's nomination list. Though The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo garnered five nominations (including the much-deserved debut nomination for Rooney Mara for Best Actress), it wasn't considered for what matters the most, Best Picture. Maybe it didn't add a great deal more or really differentitate itself from the Swedish version, but one couldn't deny that it was undoubtedly the finest thriller of the year.